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Our Craft

The Water

Lake Vättern is 650 million years old and the sediments from the Ice Age (about 10 000 years ago) gives the crystal clear water with a natural and gentle minerality.
Vättern is an old Swedish name for Vatten which means water. Vättern is probably the lake in the entire world with the best mineral water quality. Vättern is 128 meter at its deepest and there is a lot of mythology connected to Vättern as a “bottomless” lake like:

Admirable, above the rest, are the incomprehensible wonders of the bottomless lake Vättern, over which no fowl flies but is frozen to death, nor any man passeth but he is senselessly benumbed like a statue of marble. Thomas Nashe, year 1594.

Vättern is of course not bottomless, but there is actually a massive underneath reservoirs under the lake supplying the Vättern with supreme and crystal clear mineral water.
Minerality in the ground (soil) gives character and complexity to high-end wines like Champagne and Chablis. When it comes to pure vodka, the link is even more obvious.

The Spirit

The pure and tender alcohol blended with the mineral water from Lake Vättern is distilled from the best winter wheat from Götaland in Sweden, the same region as Lake Vättern is located.

While wines are made from grapes and some of the best wines in the world are made from blends of different grape varietals (i.e Cabernet Sauvignion, Merlot and Cabernet Franc), we do our supreme Vättern vodka by using different wheat varietals and making blends as well. The main wheat varietals used in our Svensk Vodka Lake Vättern 40% vol. are Cumulus, Nimbus, Julius, Kranich and Hereford.

Characteristics of vodkas made from the highest quality wheat are delicacy with undertones of aniseed and a subtle, layered, almost textures, creaminess.

Swedish Vodka By Appellation

Since 2008 Svensk Vodka/Swedish Vodka has been protected as an appellation (GI) by EU (EG 110/2008).
Europe is the home of many famous and less famous spirits; but one thing they all have in common is a strong link to the land, the climate and the people all of which contribute to making them unique.  All these products are the result of the “terroir”: they are rooted in the know-how and experience of the men and women working daily to develop enjoyable spirits drinks.
Swedish Vodka is such a GI, and our Svensk Vodka Lake Vättern and Traditional Svensk Vodka fulfills all requirements of being a real Swedish vodka with Swedish pure alcohol and Swedish mineral water filled in Sweden.

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